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Cut it up

Posted on March 02 2013

I can never seem to find a tee that fits me just right so I've made a hobby out of custom cutting shirts to fit me the way I like, the more tattered, ripped & worn in the better is my preference :)

Step one:
Lay shirt on a good flat cutting surface, make sure you lay it the way it will be worn on your body so you can get a better idea of the shape you want to create.

Step two:
You can choose to mark the lines, chalk works great for that or once you're a pro you can freehand like I do ;)

Step three:
Make your cut, I like to cut the seam completely off to give the shirt a more tattered, punk rock looking edge.

With this particular tee I cut both sleeves & neck completely off and took it up a few inches in length to create a cute muscle tank, perfect for spring & summer.

Pair it with your fav. skinnies, a slouchy beanie & moto boots to complete the look :)

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