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Winter is Coming...

Posted on November 12 2012

We have been working on the winter line since before the fall line launched. We are sooo stoked on this. 

While Kellin has been on the CWTS tour, we have had 100's of facetime calls dialing in the final adjustments. 

We have listened to YOU guys about what YOU want. 

We will have SO MANY NEW items. 

Coffee mugs, guitar pics, gloves, wallets, scarfs, and bandannas just to name a few. 

We are so proud and excited about this line.  To show our love for the Anthem Family we are going to be doing a few things a bit different then we have with the other launches. Here is what we are working on with our Christmas spirit :

A final BLOWOUT of the fall line (get it while you can!)

The winter LINE:

A ridiculous amounts of giveaways! 

  • The first order will come with a HUGE flat screen TV 
  • The first 50 will come with a 24 inch SIGNED poster
  • The first 200 orders will come with limited edition RED lanyards 
  • The first 500 will come with Anthem guitar picks
  • EVERY order placed over the opening weekend will qualify for MORE giveaways and EVERY order will have a new KQ card signed. (sorry to Kellin's hand)

  Santa will randomly pick winners for TV's, Laptops, signed AP's,signed cds , signed skateboards AND TONS MORE!  We will announce the winners ORDER numbers a few days after the sale! There is going to be a ridiculous amount of giveaways to celebrate the holiday and the new line!***

Love you All,


***specific details will be announced soon***

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