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Light the Future.

Posted on September 12 2012

The Future: Something we can never be sure of. One thing I can be sure of:

The future of Anthem. The amount of support we have received is overwhelming. Kellin and I started Anthem Made hoping people would understand our vision...Not just another clothing line that's "here today, gone tomorrow," trying to make a quick buck...

Anthem is bigger - MUCH bigger than that. With countless ideas and time invested in this project, we dug deep... We wanted anthem to embody a lifestyle, not limited to the type of music you listen to or the sports you play. Our goal was to create a community driven by a passion for music, art, culture, awareness and a common understanding of acceptance.

Anthem was/is/always will be a DIY company. We employ family and friends and do all of the screen printing ourselves. When Kell is home from tour he is packing orders and sits in the office for hours working on next season's line. Since the Fall line launched, we have been shipping orders out 14 hours per day (no exaggeration). Your patience and understanding has been AMAZING. We are not Walmart, or any other large corporate company, so it may take a bit longer to receive your order, but believe me, the wait will be worth it for the the quality of each on-of-a-kind item you receive.

Thank you again for all of your patience and support. 

You guys mean the world to us. Thanks for sharing our vision

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